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Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a modern and practical self defence system which is based on real life scenarios that you may encounter. In our adult classes from the first day you will learn useful and effective techniques that are easy to implement in a self defence situation. From the time you start your Krav Maga journey you will also learn situational awareness tools, threat cue identification techniques as well as pre attack indicators all with the aim of providing you with the ability to avoid and prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crime. As you progress with your Krav Maga training you will learn all of the following: Effective Striking incorporating all hand and leg strike options.


  • Defence against the hand and leg strikes.

  • Release from various common grabs and holds including when your attacker is in front of you, on the side of you and behind you.

  • Ground defence and how to get back onto your feet as quickly as possible.

  • Defence against various types of weapons.

  • Multiple Attacker techniques.


In addition to the above self defence techniques you will also gain an understanding and learn the following: 

  • Use of Voice as a preventative tool.

  • Training to overcome the psychological (as well as the physical) aspect of an unexpected street encounter. The physiological changes that your body experiences during a high stress encounter and how to best manage your adrenaline dump.

  • Training of your reaction time to analyse and evaluate an impending/existing threat and react accordingly in as short a time as possible.

All of the above is taught to provide you with all the tools to allow you to make an effective escape from an unsafe and potentially harmful situation.

Start your Krav Maga journey to learn and develop practical skills, in an ego-free environment, to protect yourself and your loved ones, whilst hitting those fitness goals, and have fun doing it!


Class Times and Membership types

Cerberus Krav Maga basic Membership:

We run classes every Tuesday/Thursday 6:45pm to 7:45pm out of Clyde North club. You can sign up to this membership type on our pricing page.

Cerberus Krav Maga Wednesday Only Membership:  

We also run Wednesday Night classes from 7:45pm to 8:45pm based out of Narre Warren based Club. You can sign up for Wednesday nights only on our pricing page.

Cerberus Platinum Membership:

If you wish to attend both club locations please sign up to our Cerberus Krav Maga Platinum Membership on our pricing page.

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